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Drake and the Raptors Celebrate NBA Championship in Las Vegas

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Drake was where he’s always been lately … smack in the middle of all things Raptors. Canada’s NBA champs celebrated Friday into Saturday AM in a big way at the Wynn in Vegas.   Drake walked in cradling the trophy and then took the mic…

Life After Lockup Premieres Tonight!

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Life After Lockup Premieres Tonight!

The couples from Love After Lockup are back for an all-new show: Life After Lockup! Usually, Love After Lockup has a new cast every season (with the exception of Scott Davey and Lizzie Kommes). Life After Lockup is exactly what it sounds like: following the lives of the couples after the original series.

Season 1 couple Andrea Edwards and Lamar Jackson are still going strong and will be a part of the new show. For some reason, the love triangle between Michael Simmons, Sarah Simmons, and Megan J is still going very strong. Why are these women interested in him after the antics that he pulled last season? Was this new show filmed before that one aired? This just doesn’t make any sense. Then again, two women fighting over Michael in any circumstance just doesn’t make the most sense.

Lizzie and Scott are back, again not making sense, since Season 2 ended with them living very separate lives. Is she back to steal the change from his couch cushions? Brittany Santiago and her husband Marcelino Santiago are back, this time with their baby daughter. And for some reason, Clint Brady is still trying to make things work with Tracie Wagaman. She stole relapsed, stole from him, and ghosted him. That’s not a great start to a marriage.

What can we expect from tonight’s episode? Megan shows up for Michael’s release and meets his family. That’s not bound to go well. Why did she even bother showing up? This man humiliated her and took her virginity on a nationally televised reality TV show.

Tracie wants to meet Clint’s mom. Once again, that’s not bound to go well. Tracie stole from Clint and broke his heart. Tracie is the last person any mom would want to see. Ever.

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Marcelino worries when Brittany’s ex-cellmate Sascha and ex-girlfriend Amanda come to visit the house. Amanda admitted that she wanted to marry Brittany during the last season when Brittany was trying on wedding gowns. It’s somewhat valid that Marcelino would feel uncomfortable having her around.

Lizzie’s daughter Jazmyne warns Lizzie to stay away from Scott. Ummm. OK!? Lizzie completely exploited Scott for money and Lizzie is somehow the victim in her daughter’s eyes. If it wasn’t Scott funding her antics, it was going to be someone else. Sorry, Jazmyne.

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Life After Lockup premieres tonight on WE tv at 9 PM. That’s not all though! Reality Tea will be sharing an exclusive interview with Brittany and Marcelino on Monday. We will be recapping the show as well, so be on the lookout for that!
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One Marvel Fan Has Watched ‘Avengers: Endgame’ 116 Times

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This topped the previous record for a movie — 103 times of ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ set by another die-hard Marvel fan last year.

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Jim Edmonds Denies Cheating On Meghan Edmonds Despite Sexting Another Woman

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Jim Edmonds Meghan Edmonds Meghan King Edmonds

Jim Edmonds Meghan Edmonds Meghan King Edmonds

When she was a Real Housewives of Orange County cast member, Meghan Edmonds acted as a private investigator, trying to expose everyone’s wrongdoing. Now, her husband Jim Edmonds is the one who is exposed, or at least he was. He sent some very explicit photos and videos to another woman, while Meghan was pregnant with their twin sons.

Now, the former MLB star is speaking out about the cheating allegations and those messages.

In a statement to Us Weekly, Jim said, “Regrettably, I had a lapse in judgment. I engaged in an inappropriate conversation with this person.” Sending dick pics and masturbation videos constitutes more than “inappropriate conversation,” Jim.

He insisted, “At no time was there any type of relationship or physical contact. Absolutely none. This is someone trying to profit from my name. I am aware she has done this to others in the past.” Sure, she’s trying to profit from your name by exposing the screenshots, but you are the one who sent those photos, videos, and messages. Let’s not deflect from the core issue here.

Jim continued, “Clearly, I made a very poor decision to expose myself and my family to this type of person. For this, I am truly sorry and sought forgiveness from my wife.” If only Meghan was still on RHOC. She could share what she really think about all of this. They share three kids together!

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Jim had the audacity to say, “I’m outraged over the intent to ruin my family and intend to take legal action. We were never having any problems in our marriage. My attorney is in possession of documents wherein this person has admitted fabricating large portions of her ‘story.’” YOU WERE NEVER HAVING PROBLEMS IN YOUR MARRIAGE!? Isn’t sexting another woman a problem in a marriage?

He emphasized that he “never had any sort of a physical relationship outside of my marriage with her or anyone else.” That’s really not the point though. He completely disrespected his own wife.

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All About The Tea is the website that originally came through with the very damning allegations. They shared all of the extremely incriminating screenshots. They even claim that Jim cheated on his second wife Allison Jayne Raski with this same woman. And get ready to be even more grossed out: this woman is known as the “baseball madame” thanks to her dalliances with other MLB players. Ew.

All About The Tea even shared some disgusting information about the timing of Jim’s behavior. He allegedly sent a video of himself masturbating in the basement ON THE SAME DAY MEGHAN GAVE BIRTH TO TWINS. She was laying in the hospital recuperating and he supposedly went home to record a jerk off video. What. The. Fuck. The website also shared a voicemail of Meghan allegedly confronting the sidepiece and threatening legal action.

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This news broke yesterday, which was so surprising/ not at all considering how distant Jim seemed on the show. She even went through IVF treatments with her mother by her side instead of her own husband. Her mom was in the room when she got pregnant, not the actual father of her child. Let that sink in. Poor Meghan!

It seems like Meghan and Jim are sticking together at this point. Just yesterday, both Meghan and Jim posted photos on Instagram celebrating the St. Louis Blue Stanley Cup victory. Now, Jim’s account is suddenly on private. Gee, I wonder why. Too much in the comments section, perhaps?

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Real Housewives historians will never forget Vicki Gunvalson screaming “What’s Meghan going to do when Jim moves on to wife number four?” Was she right all along!? Kelly Dodd even accused Jim of having an affair during Meghan’s last season. Was this the woman she was referring to? Or is there another? Or many others?


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Anthony Scaramucci’s Wife Deidre Scaramucci Wants To Join Real Housewives Of New York

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Anthony Scaramucci’s Wife Deidre Scaramucci Wants To Join Real Housewives Of New York

Unlike some of the other Real Housewives shows with constantly changing casts, Real Housewives of New York usually retains its stars. Or at least it does longer than most reality TV shows.

Nevertheless, the right addition could really be a good thing for the show. For instance, Sonja Morgan and Dorinda Medley joined the show later on and completely changed the landscape when they did. Even though RHONY Season 11 is still airing, there is already gossip about the cast for next year. No, they aren’t bringing back any alums. Sorry, Jill Zarin. However, there is a familiar (last) name in the mix: Scaramucci. Former Trump staffer and Celebrity Big Brother cast member Anthony Scaramucci’s wife Deidre Scaramucci is interested in joining the show.

A source told Page Six, “Scaramucci’s wife is doing the ‘Housewives.’ They’ve been wanting new blood and have been striking out with new cast members. She’s been meeting with Bravo.”

A different “insider” told insisted, “It’s reality-TV gold. I’d love to have her on.” Is she friends with any of the Housewives though? The “random” additions rarely do well on Real Housewives shows.

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In a different Page Six article, Deidre thirsted over the possibility expressed her interest. She divulged, “I can’t get into too much detail, but I’d love to do the show if they really wanted me to do the show. But right now we’re just sitting here, waiting, and I’ll let you guys know.” So clearly she is very interested and trying to build up some buzz.

Anthony chimed in saying that his wife would “have a lot of fun on the show.” Nevertheless, he did express some concerns about how people would react to Deidre because of his association with the president. He joked (I think), “I hope the Cheeto stains on my hands are not on your hands.”

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Of course, it’s way too soon to know if this is actually happening, but Season 12 could be a good time to shake up the cast.


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Check Out An Exclusive Clip From The Life After Lockup Premiere

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Life After Lockup Brittany Santiago Marcelino Santiago Love After Lockup

Life After Lockup Brittany Santiago Marcelino Santiago Love After Lockup

After a wildly entertaining Season 2 of Love After Lockup, there’s a spin-off show. Instead of jumping right into a Season 3 with a whole cast of new couples, viewers can follow their favorites’ journeys by Watching Life After Lockup.

Life After Lockup will feature five couples that we all know and love. Brittany Santiago and Marcelino Santiago are back with a new baby girl. Lizzie Kommes and b will grace our TVs again, even though they weren’t even together during the Season 2 finale. Clint Brady and Tracie Wagaman are still trying to make their marriage work, even though she relapsed and abandoned him immediately after their wedding. Season 1 couple Andrea and Lamar will be on the season. And, of course, there’s love triangle that will never end: Michael Simmons, Sarah Simons, and Megan J. They will also share their lives on Life After Lockup. This season is bound to be full of drama with that cast. Reality Tea even obtained an exclusive clip from the premiere episode.

During the premiere episode, Marcelino is not having it when Brittany’s ex-girlfriend Amanda and her ex-cellmate Sascha show up to see their daughter and check out the new house. They want to christen the new home with some bottle of wines, but Michael does not like the idea of that. At all.

He admits, “Right now, I’m a little uncomfortable leaving Brittany behind with some bottles of wine and a baby.”
However, Brittany knows what’s really going on. She tells him, “It’s not that you don’t trust me. You don’t trust them. So just say that instead of deflecting and putting me down as a mother.” Well said, Brittany!
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However, Marcelino confesses that his thoughts have drifted to a scary place. He shares, “Brittany just got off parole and I worry about if she’ll relapse and go back to doing things she did before she met me.” This is somewhat understandable, but in comparison to some of the other people on this show (and in general), Brittany is very responsible. She didn’t steal from him, run away, cheat, or exploit him for money. She’s been bettering herself this whole time. Again, that’s not something that a majority of the cast members could say. Marcelino really has nothing to worry about.
During the clip, Marcelino justifies his worries with this statement: “I think it’s safe to have assumptions. That’s all.” And Brittany declares, “Assumptions make you look like an ass. Don’t do that.” Yikes
And this is actually a legitimately solid couple. However, this is reality TV and they are baring it all for us to see, arguments and all.
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Life After Lockup premieres on WE tv June 14 at 9 PM. That’s not all though! Reality Tea will be sharing an exclusive interview with Brittany and Marcelino tomorrow. We will be recapping the show as well, so be on the lookout for that! It’s going to be a wild ride!
Check out the exclusive scene from the Life After Lockup premiere by watching the video below.
[Photo Credit: WE tv]

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Real Housewives Of New York Recap: Cabaret All Day!

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Sonja Moran Real Housewives Of New York

Sonja Moran Real Housewives Of New York

*sigh* So many thoughts about last night’s episode of Real Housewives Of New York. SO. MANY. THOUGHTS. And even more questions!

Does Luann de Lesseps deserve the wrath of hungover Housewives? Does air conditioner make Sonja Morgan poof or poop? Does Bethenny Frankel see Luann as her human sounding board – the one person resilient enough to take all the tantrums Bethenny’s mother ignored as she headed out to the clubs or on a date; giving Bethenny free-reign to project all of her childhood emotions.

Also, it occurs to me, that Bethenny probably married her mother and her father in Jason Hoppy, who seems diabolical, but also really disinterested in her melodrama, and Bethenny needs someone to give validity to her hysteria or else she thinks they don’t ‘hear’ her.

Bethenny has two communication styles: freaking out meltdown, or zen psychologist cool mommy giving all the advice you didn’t want or need, while helicoptering over and fixing all your problems (by maybe also making them worse ala Lori Loughlin). Sometimes we just want to be YouTube influencers, or cabaret stars with an affinity for dips in the ocean and that, my friends, is O.K. Or is it? Why does everyone need Bethenny’s approval? Why does Bethenny pretend she doesn’t’ care while desperately wanting approval?

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So here we are in Miami where the alcohol and the tears are flowing and mixing in the most delightful way! After proclaiming that she wasn’t going to get batshit wasted a second night in a row, Sonja broke that promise to herself and got trashed again. So trashed she almost smashed her designer-clad foot through a glass table, then broke a glass.

Ramona Singer & Sonja Morgan

The next morning (after Ramona Singers ex-husband/new date swap), wearing sunglasses that look like a disco, Bethenny sits Sonja down for a little talking-to about Sonja’s Trouble With Booze. Ramona is there for moral support – and to hawk TruRenewal Skincare with a huge zit on her face, made even more noticeable by the hangover puffiness. Ramona has that skincare bottle positioned, conveniently in front of the camera the entire time Bethenny is warning Sonja that her drinking has become unmanageable.

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Bethenny Frankel & Luann de Lesseps

And with that, in strolls Luann, looking alert and chipper and ready to pass judgment on Sonja like she wasn’t falling in a bush last season. Bethenny encourages Sonja to go to an AA meeting with Luann, and Sonja accepts – but only because she doesn’t want to cross Bethenny. Bethenny is now running Skinnygirl Sobriety, I suppose.

Tinsley Mortimer woke up happy as a character on Sesame Street. Like every morning, the first thing she does is call Dale for advice. Tinsley is excited because Bethenny introduced her to Brett (a guy Bethenny previously went on a date with), and they exchanged numbers. Tinsley is so southern she is literally awake and in a kinda PJ outfit with full makeup before breakfast. Also, Brett is 100 years old and doesn’t know how modern dating works, so he texts her before to coffee to s invite her for a “down low” drink. Old people really should not use a slang without consulting Urban Dictionary. Yes, I am age-shaming Tinsley’s date. Too hard to refuse!

Tinsley Mortimer, Ramona Singer, Bethenny Frankel

Tinsley can’t believe it! A man. A real. Live. Breathing. Man. Who does not make her star in Coupon Cabin commercials! Tinsley thought it was a mirage in Sonja’s wine glass, but nope Brett’s the real deal. Verified by the fact that Ramona saw him too, and her radar is alerted. Ramona obviously doesn’t care that Tinsley smooched Brett already – he’s still up for grabs – her grabs, and Ramona might have his number too.

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As revenge, Tinsley quickly pulls up the TMZ pic of Ramona making out with Harry Dubin, and shows Bethenny. It’s not so much kissing as Ramona vacuuming other women’s saliva out of Harry’s throat. It was nothing short of disgusting.  And certainly not something anyone wants to see hung over, before breakfast.

Then Babaraba Kavovit finally gets her moment in the Miami sun when she starts crying about being left out of the group. She wants to go home, to her hammers and her nails, where the square peg doesn’t have to try and fit into the round hole. Even Luann is ignoring her. First Bethenny, Ramona, and even Lu blame Barabara for bringing this on herself with bad vibes, then Bethenny reminds Barbara that Luann is the one ditching her – for AA meetings no less! Bethenny encourages Barbara to start hating on Luann and then she’ll feel included. Literally.

Sonja is annoyed about this AA meeting from start to finish. First, she doesn’t think she has a problem with alcohol (no comment). Then Luann makes her change because Sonja’s wearing a bikini top with a macrame coverup, and Luann decides that’s not appropriate. Even though Luann is wearing a dress one could get a gynecological exam in because the slit is so high. As Luann is ostensibly getting changed, she leaves Sonja sitting in the foyer forever while she fusses with her outfit.

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Luann acts like she’s the first alcoholic to ever walk the earth,” Sonja complains, now wearing boring white capris and a t-shirt. Mostly Sonja doesn’t want FOMO as the other ladies are at lunch on the beach and she’s stuck with a bunch of depressing alcoholics and Luann using the AA meeting as a stage to practice her cabaret act. Yes – Luann even use the meeting as a stage.

After the meeting, as Luann and Sonja head to the beachfront hotel to meet the other women for lunch. Sonja feels unsettled. Listening to tragic people talk about how awful life was as an alcoholic is ruining her vacation. Sonja just wishes she could scoop up all these undesirables and take them to the townhouse. Which would make their lives worse, actually because they’d have to drink to deal with Sonja (and the mold). After seeming OK in the car Sonja starts to fall apart at the hotel over how wet the seats are. Isn’t Sonja used to that, living in Casa de Mold and Crumbles?

Sonja Morgan freaks out at Miami hotel

Apparently going to AA was like being forced to ride the subway and acknowledge those poor unfortunate souls. Tinsley and Dorinda Medley don’t know what to make of Sonja’s sudden freakout. “She needs a drink,” decides Tinsley.  Actually Sonja really just wants to go back to the house where they’ve been having so much fun getting wasted beyond imagination, hanging out with hot paramedics, embarrassing themselves in front of their friend’s ex-husband, and you know just enjoying all the splendors of alcohol – and food. Speaking of, Bethenny ordered lunch – including the much-anticipated truffle fries –  and has them box it all up to go.

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Luann is annoyed. She actually wants to get out of the house and hit the beach. While Sonja is crying about the pitfalls of marrying and reproducing with a geriatric who might die and leave her to deal with the kid solo, Luann keeps mentioning that they’ll all feel better after a swim. Then Luann decides even if everyone else wants to go back to the house, she’s going to the beach. Dorinda is aghast and immediately runs over to tattle to Bethenny.

Now call me Sonja-At-An-AA-Meeting, but I sort of feel bad for Lu here. The struggle for sobriety is real, and no one is paying that any credence, while simultaneously freaking out about Sonja needing to get sober. Like why was Ramona allowed to leave the group and go on a date? Yet everyone is livid that Luann ditched Sonja mid-panic attack.

Why were Tinsley and Ramona allowed to walk past Sonja’s ambulance on their way to the bar? I TOTALLY 100% agree in every way Luann is a selfish self-absorbed cabaret-o-holic, but is she really more selfish than the rest of these women? Maybe Luann just needed to be away from a house that literally has booze running from the faucet. It’s like being in a Vodka flavored Yankee Candle! And for someone complaining about everything being about Lu, Sonja has made this entire trip about her. Girl – get it together.

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Back at the house, Bethenny makes crab cakes as they all realize the truffle fries weren’t in the bag! DOOOOOM. Isn’t this technically Sonja’s fault, because she made them leave? Someone has the brilliant idea to ask Luann to order them fries, but Luann do something for someone else? Never! The Countess has other more pressing matters to attend to than wait for deep-fried delicacies. She must go check out her cabaret poster, and strike a pose for her minions! Seriously.

The other women complain that Luann has been gone hours and hours, avoiding them (it was 2), and that all Luann ever talks about is Luann. Which is ironic because all these women ever talk about is Luann! Luann is literally the only topic of conversation over lunch and even Barbara admits that The Countess is being a shitty friend. Barbara, after defecting from Cabaret Cult, is finally welcomed to the group with open arms – and given the first massage. The one that was technically Luann’s. In fact, by the time Luann returns to the house, everyone is calling her the Hamburgler for stealing their fries and they’ve conspired to make sure she goes massage-less.

Luann de Lesseps & Sonja Morgan

Luann just wanted some time alone, to reflect on herself looking at a poster of herself. Who can blame a girl for being a cabaret star?! Sonja is not impressed that Luann once again didn’t check on her in her time of need, but Luann doesn’t care if people think she’s a diva. Like that’s an insult. She IS a diva.

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By the time dinner rolls around the women are all massaged and amped up on Luann toxicity. Luann is sulking in her room because she got the last massage, then the hairdresser left before giving her a blowout. Now her hair looks vaguely reminiscent of a golden retriever, and she’s in a bad mood as if predicting that dinner will be a bath of her own shed blood. And don’t you know she bleeds cabaret? Not wanting to wait for Luann to stop sulking, the women hop in a car and leave Ramona to deal with her. Ramona is kind of feeling bad that Luann is the new Barbara. Those brief flashes where of conscience are so befuddling. They end when Luann is rude to Ramona about how stressful it is to brush her own hair.

Tinsley left early for her date with Brett. They meet at the same restaurant where the other women will be dining later. Within in minutes of ordering her drink Tinsley starts rambling about being 43 and whether or not she wants a baby. Then she starts making out with Brett. Sonja sniffs that this is not the way to make a man marry you. This is not advice Sonja should be dispensing!

Tinsley Mortimer

Over dinner Barbara tries to explain to Luann how dejected she felt, missing those long Lu hugs. Luann cuts Barbara off by rushing around the table to hug her just then, to try and deflect from whatever complaints Barbara may have. This prompts Tinsley to slur that Luann never has Barbara’s back, and Luann reacts by mimicking Tinsley’s drunkenness.

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That causes Bethenny to go zero – 100 in 5 seconds flat and she is OFF. Bethenny is disgusted and livid by Luann’s intolerable insufferable behavior of making everything about herself and cabaret when Bethenny just lost her boyfriend, no fiancé, to drug overdose. The same man who helped Luann with her legal matters. Yet Luann has never checked in on Bethenny. Now I don’t believe that. Do I believe it hasn’t been very frequent? Yes.

Bethenny also accuses Luann of “dining out” on her sobriety to make a buck. Like doing standup at the AA meeting? Although who is Bethenny to talk here when she’s used every instance of her personal life as fodder for reality TV or product whoring… I’m surprised she isn’t selling Skinnygirl Smackdowns yet.

Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny is literally foaming at the mouth and running around the table spewing insults at Luann, reminiscent of that time in the Berkshires. This time Bethenny is deriding Luann for not showing gratitude for the intervention Bethenny did. Apparently, Luann was such a mess she was running through a field in a negligee, drunk, and trying to get in her car to drive. Bethenny warded off the paparazzi, had an attorney come over on Sunday to help Luann with her lawsuit, and then sat in her driveway so Luann couldn’t leave in her car, possibly killing her friends.  Luann repaid all of this by leaving rehab a week early to cabaret and never bothering to see how Bethenny is coping with Dennis‘ death. And then she ignored Barabara to top it off!

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Luann, resilient as ever, is pretty nonchalant about the whole thing, and sort of sneers, “Look at you,” as Bethenny is literally running laps around the table screeching. Ramona is so shocked tears are prickling the corners of her Botoxed eyelids and she just wants to squeeze one teeny tear out, but she winds up splashing vodka on her face to mimic a tear instead.

Luann de Lesseps

So, I get where Bethenny (and all the ladies) are coming from, but I also feel a little empathy for Luann. It’s hard learning to be a new social self when you get sober, and the self you socialized with was dirking. It’s also a time when many people go through some selfishness as they feel awkward and are struggling to accept that life without alcohol can be great. I don’t think the women are being sympathetic to this, but I also understand their frustrations with Launn’s egotism. (Which doesn’t seem that much more overblown than in any other season?).

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I also think Bethenny has developed a pattern of being nice when it suits her, then terrorizing people who don’t forever do her bidding (wasn’t she ripping into Sonja about cheater brands a few seasons back…) and Luann is one of her favorite targets. It does sound like Luann was an abominable friend to Bethenny by choosing cabaret over companionship – and Bethenny didn’t deserve that especially after all Bethenny did for her. Maybe I need a bologna sandwich reality check and should go to Reality-Anon alongside Sonja?


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Bethenny Frankel Loses Patience With Luann de Lesseps On Tonight’s Real Housewives Of New York

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Bethenny Frankel Real Housewives Of New York

Bethenny Frankel Real Housewives Of New York

The Real Housewives Of New York don’t even have to leave their luxury beach house to have insane, intense, authentic drama. The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills can travel halfway around the world, be in insanely luxe settings, and still can’t make anything interesting occur.

Tonight the Real Housewives Of New York are still terrorizing Miami and if you can believe it they’ve only been there two days real time! After Sonja Morgan got so drunk she needed paramedics, Bethenny Frankel, Ramona Singer, and Luann de Lesseps sit her down to warn her about the perils of alcoholism. Not all alkies wind up being a cabaret star, you know!

Bethenny convinces Sonja to attend an AA meeting with Luann, but afterwards Sonja is majorly emotional and spirals into a crying meltdown while the ladies are out to lunch.

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Sonja just wants to go back to the house, to curl up in a cocoon of booze, but Luann wants to go for a swim at the beach. Dorinda Medley can’t believe how self-absorbed Luann is being and tattles to Bethenny.

That night while the ladies are out to dinner, Bethenny and Tinsley Mortimer unleash their wrath on Luann about her arrogance, being self-absorbed, and obsession with cabaret. This leads to Bethenny having an emotional breakdown of her own.

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I just can’t decide if these women do not understand the process of addiction, and healing from it; or they really do think Luann is more arrogant than usual (I don’t)? Furthermore, Bethenny also directs her most insulting tirades at Luann, and that’s because she knows Luann is resilient enough to take it, but I find it appalling – and super hypocritical.

Watch Real Housewives Of New York tonight at 9 PM on Bravo. Comment throughout the episode on this post. Tweet us with your thoughts. Follow us on InstagramLike our page on Facebook. Make sure to check our site tomorrow for our Real Housewives Of New York recap.


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‘Pennyworth’ Trailer: Batman’s Butler Gets His Own TV Series

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(He’s more of a spy than a butler in it.)

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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Recap: Croque Madame

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Real Housewives Of Beverly In France

Real Housewives Of Beverly In France

Last night the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills traveled to France to visit glorious Provence. Of course these women couldn’t just enjoy the sites and each other’s company, and a new Lisa was thrown under the Peugeot wheels!

Here we are at the Chateau Ventoux, which according to Lisa Rinna is “like Downton France Abbey” except in France an Abbey is a nunnery, so LOL. (If I’m wrong here don’t bother correcting me because I like my joke). The rooms are all beautiful. The surroundings are lush. And unlike when PK smothers her with potato chip crumbs and calls it a blanket, Dorit Kemsley feels like a princess. A real live European princess, who any moment will be woken from this nightmare by a prince who doesn’t have financial problems and will carpet their castle in athleisure wear made by Givenchy and Beverly Reach. Life, really will have purpose for this girl from London, Connecticut. 

Erika Girardi & Lisa Rinna

How can anyone be unhappy in a place this pretty? For a few solid seconds they even have sympathy for Camille Grammer. After calling Camille and Denise Richards the night before and learning that their homes were spared, Dorit and Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave wake up at 5am to the distressing news that Camille’s house has been completely destroyed by the flames after the wind changed direction. Dorit is hysterical (which is Dorit’s most commonly used emotion). It makes Teddi want to fly home immediately to hug her children. Too bad she didn’t go with that intuition!

Back to dinner the first night, everyone is in the high spirits that come with being waited on hand and foot, until you get used to it and morph into Lady Mary (Downton). Erika Girardi is most overjoyed, because she is usually the one waiting on Tom hand and foot. Hand job and foot rub, that is! Dorit also tells a crazy story about stealing her parents car at aged 13 and how some friends ate white chocolate in the backseat but her parents thought the stains were something else entirely.  She was grounded until her 30th birthday lunch.

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The drinks are strong and they are flowing. I’m just gonna go ahead and say it: I LOVED Erika this episode. She seemed so free and fun. Erika claims that without Lisa Vanderpump they can let their guards down and be vulnerable without fear of things being used against them at a later date, when they’re least expecting the jab. Well Erika spoke too soon because Kyle Richards is all too ready to storm into Villa Rosa and steal the shade crown. More on that later!

It is Lipsa who unfortunately opened Pandora’s Box (not to be confused with PANDY’s box of SUR souls) when she brought up dressing in the Erika Jayne costume and solving her problems with Kim Richards. Lipsa still believes this was a positive thing, even if it started out with the wrong choice of words. Kyle admits she was a little weirded out by it, and then the topic seems to [thankfully] drop. Too bad EJ ‘method acting’ doesn’t come with premonitions, because this will very soon bite Lipsa in the cunty ass!

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But for the time being everyone is laughing and having fun – and most importantly getting drunk, while jet lagged! Even Kyle didn’t annoy me too much in the early hours of this trip, but by the first day I was over her again.

Dorit Kemsley learns bad news about Camille Grammer's House

The next morning Erika is hung over in the way I imagine Princess Di did a hangover. Coming to the breakfast table for tea in sunglasses, with perfect hair, and resting a warm tea cup on her forehead to soothe the headache. A few vitamin B tablets later Erika was dressed for sightseeing. Without her glam squad gear, Erika looked cute and stylish, and much less contrived.

Teddi, meanwhile, got up at 8 to exercise, then sent 3200 text messages shaming other women for not working out at 6 am on vacation after drinking pina coladas. Truly, though, I’d rather interact with an elliptical machine than Teddi.

In fact, all the women dressed in casual walking-friendly clothes to tour a French market, a bridge to nowhere (a euphemism for the relationships on this show if I’ve ever seen one), and some ancient castles. It was nice and Dorit felt like she was in Europe…

At the market, Kyle spends an exorbitant amount of time trying to buy a hat. Yes, another hat. Is Kyle buying all these hats to cover HER two faces? Finally (after Lisa and Erika have hopped on a plane to Germany and made it back), Kyle has decided on some sort of strange Nazi-style cabbie hat that was as unbecoming as all the others she wears.

Dorit Kemsley

Then the ladies retire for lunch where Erika orders the hangover special: croque-monsieur and pomme frites with a double cappucino. Dorit, Lipsa, and Teddi literally watch her eat as they munch on one fry and have salad with white wine. Perfect timing for Lipsa to share that Amelia wants to do more besides modeling. Amelia wants to channel her struggle with an eating disorder into helping others by going to school for nutrition and psychology. Ler’s hope that Amelia, unlike all these other model daughters, actually sticks to the college part.

Kyle Richards

This prompts Kyle to open up about battling her own eating disorder when she was a teenaged actress. Kyle got down to 99lbs by eating nothing by microwaved V8 juice and 6 almonds per day. Much like Amelia, it all started when Kyle was trying to break into the superficial world of Hollywood and didn’t want to be the girl with boobs and butt when her sisters were so skinny. Kyle is always competing! Unfortunately, Kyle was rewarded for losing weight with a better on-set wardrobe and tons of compliments, but then things spiraled out of control. In much the way that is always Kyle (and Kim), who wants to hide anything about her life that isn’t perfect, she has never told anyone about this – especially not her daughters for fear that they might develop eating disorders of their own.

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The women rally around Kyle’s admission, and Erika is humbled by how safe this group of friends feels, as if she can finally, finally start trusting other women. Screeeech – not so fast, EJ!

That night, over dinner, they’re all dressed up, but not too much. Nothing too preposterous. Lipsa even compliments Teddi on embracing the fashion game and stepping it up this season. Although Teddi looks just as boring as ever to me, she’s definitely using more makeup!

Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave

In a way that’s completely unnatural and smacks of premeditation, Kyle mentions Lipsa dressing up as Erika Jayne and calling Kim “cunty”. Immediately Teddi launched into a spiel about how it was insulting to Erika that Lipsa used her to insult Kim. Teddi and Kyle believe Erika should be offended. In fact, they are literally trying to start a fight between Lipsa and Erika by trying to convince Erika to get mad!

Lisa Rinna

Lipsa sees it differently: while dressed as Erika she embraced the ethos of “Erika Jayne” (not Erika Girardi) and was able to get in touch with a different side of herself. Kyle keeps pointing out that Erika Jayne doesn’t talk that way, but Lipsa keeps focusing on how her interpretation of the EJ character made her feel, and in the end, a positive resolution happened with Kim. Teddi and Kyle are fixated on how it should make Erika uncomfortable that Lipsa was using her.

Erika Jayne

There is never and never will be a positive resolution with Kim (or Kyle). I don’t know what Kyle and Teddi are doing, but it’s clear that Kyle is on a divide and conquer routine in trying to sew a seed of discord between Lipsa and Erika. Thankfully Erika sees right through this. She doesn’t care that Kyle and Teddi were uncomfortable, she’s just happy that Kim and Lisa are moving forward. In fact, Erika is now angry that Kyle and Teddi are so obviously trying to create a problem in a way that is more comical than Erika’s cartoon drawing of an outfit.

Things end in a testy way, with dinner ruined, and even Dorit recognizing that Teddi is behaving as Kyle’s “hench-woman.” Is Teddi going to now cry that Kyle manipulated her to do her dirty work? Accountability now, Teddster!

This is an aside: I wasn’t under the impression that a “Skinny Margarita” was a thing. Aren’t all margaritas the same? I mean unless you’re at TGIFridays I doubt people are whipping out mixers to concoct a margarita. Maybe Teddi needs to just start carrying a bottle of Skinny girl in her purse? Or else Bethenny Frankel is gonna start demanding a royalty check every time the phrase “Skinny Margarita” is uttered. Even though that’s actually a classic margarita.


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